How is the IQ measured?

An individual’s intelligence can be measured in a wide range of ways. Some people will determine success to be a major factor displaying intelligence, while others consider knowledge or predisposition towards understanding specific factors to be a major sign of intelligence. For others, however, standardized tests are the major determinant here. There is one test that is specific to assessing a person’s intelligence though and that is the iq test.

What is the IQ test?

IQ stands for intelligence quotient and it is a score that is calculated by taking the performance level of a person on a test and dividing it by a person’s age. This provides a big advantage for this test as it can be used to assess the intelligence of a person even after correcting for age trends which can distort the overall outcome. Further, this provides a great way to assess the intelligence of a person over a period of time so that you can see the trend of intelligence, as opposed to other factors. Test scores can change over time but your relative performance shouldn’t as there is an age factor that is taken into play which allows for an efficient measurement over intelligence over a person’s lifetime.

When the IQ test Doesn’t provide a good gauge

Conditions differ in the environment and some people don’t receive the same exposure to different things than other people, partly due to cultural differences. Because of this, certain groups with different ways of learning may be given an iq score that is not correct and a good gauge of a person’s intelligence. While the test works well for most situations, it is not a perfect gauge and should be one part of many consideration’s over a person’s intelligence.

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